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Clay & Magnesium Oil - by Perry A~
Extend your clay bath experience by adding 2-4 oz. of Liquid Magnesium Chloride.  Liquid magnesium chloride is a wonderful companion to clay. One is an intracellular nutrient that we cannot be healthy without, that is nature's protector against a myriad of physiological ailments. The other is nature's most benign, gentle, and intelligent way to remove harmful materials from the body. Water is nature's key component to gaining the best results of both.  Treat yourself to a luxurious bath.  I did and was amazed and how wonderful my body felt after a mere 15 minute soak. 

According to Adam Abraham, an expert on Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, magnesium is tantamount to a food more so than food is, because if it's not present in what we eat, we have no chance of maintaining our health or restoring it. And the sad truth is that our foods don't contain it the way they used to. Our patterns of disease and chronic illnesses all have an underlying magnesium deficiency component that is rarely being examined by traditional medicine. Many naturopaths are now helping their patients get their magnesium levels up, but the transdermal method is only now gaining growing acceptance.  For links to Liquid Magnesium Chloride go to Ocean Magnesium Products or Global Light Network.



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