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Grocery Store Analogy - by David Smith

We all know when you go into a grocery store there are several departments or sections Ė the meats, fruits and veggies, bread, chips, cleaning supplies, etc.  When we look at all the different types of clays, I want you to see clays as a whole, like grocery store aisles.  Some clays you wouldnít want to eat or put on your body, like the items in the chemical and cleaning aisle.  They have their place and their purpose, but itís not the type of clay youíre looking for.  Edible and cosmeceutical clays are like the fruits and veggie section of a store.  There are possibly 100+ types of food items in this section and there are over 100 types, or variations, of clays in this group as well.  Sold on the open market today are Bentonites, Montmorillonites, Hectalites, Zeolites and Illites, for uses such as cosmetic and curative uses.  These would equate in my analogy to groups of fruits and veggies such as leafy green veggies, oranges, apples, root veggies and tropical fruits

I want to focus on Bentonites which are the only appropriate clay for curative and cosmeceutical use.  I will equate Bentonites to the apple family.  In the apple section of any large grocery store, you can often fine 20+ different types of apples.  The green type apples will represent the Sodium Bentonites and the red family apples the Calcium Bentonites.  While green apples make great pies, they may not taste the best for raw eating and may not contain the vitamins of red apples.  Sodium Bentonites have their uses as well, such as sealing farm ponds and in oil drilling rig operations, but are not recommended for use on your body.  Sodium Bentonites are the green apples of our world and Calcium Bentonites are the red apples of our world.

Within the red apple family there are many varieties as well.  Same goes for Calcium Bentonites.  Some are non-swelling and some are swelling.  The pH factors are vastly different, the efficacy rates are different and the end uses are different as well.

The best Calcium Bentonites are Montmorillonites and have a pH of 9.1-9.9, an efficacy rate of 32 to 1 and are swelling types that absorb and adsorb many times their weight in toxins.  They can be used both internally and topically on your skin. The most effective healing clays are considered to be the green swelling clays.

Think of Calcium Bentonites as the large Red Delicious apples of the Clay world  and even among this variety there are variations which are important.  You donít want contaminated fruit, or bruised fruit, or fruit that has been spray painted or chemically cleaned of impurities.  You want natural, undyed, unprocessed, organic big Red Delicious apples for you and your family.  The same goes for your Calcium Bentonite Clay...  You should demand that your clay be 100% natural, have a 9.5 or above pH, odorless, tasteless, unprocessed, unfiltered, and milled to at least 325 screen mesh - and there is only one clay on the market today which meets these standards and a few that come close.  Itís like going to the organic farmersí market on Saturday or Sunday morning and finding that elusive perfect food that some farmer has carefully grown for you and your family.  Sure, you may pay a little more, but the clay you provide for your family should meet the same strict standards as the food you feed them.  Only give them the best thatís available.

Itís an education process.  Itís taken you a lifetime, and is ongoing as well, to learn all you have about your health and what you put in and on your body. Take the time to learn about clays.  Just as you donít want to ingest Tide laundry detergent, you donít want to ingest Illite or Sodium Bentonite clay.  While they are on the market and available for that use, please learn to ask questions and read labels closelyÖ  you are worth the education and your family needs you and counts on you to get the easy education available so that only the right clay is in your home.



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