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Myths About Internal Cleanses - by PerryA~
Myths: Cleanses are harsh on the system, taste bad and will have you attached to the toilet for a week or more. If you are not suffering, the cleanse is not working. I have to go on a liquid diet for a cleanse to work.

Not so says Perry A~, author of Living Clay…Nature’s Own Miracle Cure.  Clay cleanses are very gentle yet extremely effective at the same time.  You can take clay on an empty stomach and you will experience no nausea, runs to the bathroom or adverse effects. 

Contrary to old beliefs about cleanses, you will find a clay cleanse so gentle you are not immediately aware of the advantages beyond a mere cleanse.  Ideally, to dislodge the build up of fecal matter in the lower colon take clay internally two to three times a day for two to three weeks. 2-3 ounces of liquid clay mixed at a ratio of 3/4 cup of dry powder clay to ˝ gallon of water.  Another option is a heaping teaspoon of dry powder in an eight ounce glass of water 3 times a day. Be sure and use a plastic spoon and drink plenty of water during the cleanse.

After a cleanse, the body will be able to more readily absorb the good nutrition from your supplements and the food you eat. Your skin tone and complexion will take on a healthy glow and most people report an increase in energy and less belching, flatulence and acidity problems. If you follow that with a colonic cleanse, you will be amazed at the release and how you will begin to feel.

In selecting a clay for internal cleanse use look for:

  1. A calcium based Bentonite clay.
  2. An Active or Living clay. One that absorbs and adsorbs.
  3. An all natural clean clay direct from the mine source and not later processed or purified.
  4. A clay that expands to a 3 to 1 ratio in volume.  Three part water to 1 part dry clay.
  5. A clay with a pH of 8.5-9.9, the higher the better.
  6. A green swelling clay of the Montmorillonite/Smectite group.
  7. A clay milled at a 325 screen mesh.
  8. A tasteless/odorless clay.
  9.  A clay from a subsurface type mine protected from the elements.
  10.  A clay with an ionic charge of efficacy of at least 20 times its molecular weight. 

Clay, the gentle, effective cleanse. Now go enjoy that cleanse with no dread of the process. 

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