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Nature's Body Beautiful Calcium Bentonite Clay Information Resources

The Clay Cure
by Ran Knishinsky


Complete info on clay as a supplement is effective against many illnesses.  Complete info on choosing the right clay and how to use it for specific ailments.  Discusses the science and history of clay ingestion and its nutritional value. 

Living Clay
by PerryA~



Calcium Bentonite Clay history & uses, and what it can do for you!  Perry A~ is a motivational speaker who in 1995 experienced the miracle of Living Clay for herself. She has since dedicated her life to sharing her knowledge of it. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Click Here to listen to an interview with Perry A~ (author of Living Clay: Nature's Own Miracle Cure) about clay and it's uses

Is Calcium Bentonite Clay better than other clays?
Calcium Bentonite Clay draws out toxins better than others, and is the best clay for detoxification and internal cleansing, and also is best for external uses such as facials and body wraps.

Why don't doctors prescribe clay for illnesses?
The medical industry is essentially run by the Pharmaceutical companies.  They can't make the big profits they're used to with a product that can't be patented, but they make BILLIONS selling deadly prescription drugs.  Many naturopaths and holistic practitioners use clay to help their patients.

Should I buy dry powder clay or get clay that has already been mixed with water (hydrated)?
It's easier to buy clay that's already been hydrated for you, but it's much less expensive to buy the clay in powder form and hydrate it yourself!  Click Here for instructions on how to mix clay.

Is there a safe edible clay?
Yes, but the FDA won't approve a natural clay as being edible (even though it lists Calcium Bentonite Clay on its list of GRAS - Generally Regarded as Safe - items) unless you have millions to spend for testing you specific brand. They won't consider the millions of testimonies and thousands of years of healing use.  On the FDA Board of Directors sit several representatives of major Pharmaceutical companies!  They can't make the astronomical profits with clay that they make with drugs - clay can't be patented.  The FDA approves many drugs that are unsafe and list all the many possible dangerous side effects IN SMALL PRINT, then they have to remove those drugs from the market when people start dying.  So, yes, there is very safe, edible clay, but no brand has been FDA approved.  We recommend Calcium Bentonite Clay over all others. 

If a clay has aluminum and other metals in it, is it dangerous?
No.  Clay is not digested or broken down into its mineral elements, but rather acts as a whole and holds its integrity.  It grabs positively charged items (toxins, metals, bacteria, etc.) and then exits the body.  Alumino silicates are crystalline compounds composed of silicon, aluminum and oxygen.  Aluminum bound in this form poses no health risk.  If you have a pure source, where weather and outside influences haven't added impurities, aluminum isn't in isolated form, and is not absorbed by the body.

Are all Calcium Bentonites non-swelling?
No.  Some strong Calcium Bentonites swell at a 3 to 1 ratio.  Swelling Green Calcium Bentonites are very popular healing clays.

How do I use Calcium Bentonite Clay to remove toxic metals from the body? Can toxins be re-absorbed by the body if the detox process is not done properly.
A high quality natural clean Calcium Bentonite clay is always stronger than a processed clay.  A healing clay ground fine enough to pass through a 325 screen mesh is recommended. Take 1-2 ounces of clay twice a day (depending on how many toxins you are consciously exposed to, i.e. working around chemicals) for a week.  Then, after the system is cleaned and balanced, 1 ounce a day usually does the trick.  (This is referring to 1 oz of premixed liquid clay - 1 part of clay powder to 8 parts of purified water.)  This is preventative and keeps toxins from getting in the body.
  To help rid the body of stored toxins, the Family Hope Center, which treats Autistic children, recommends 2 clay baths a week for 5 weeks using 2 cups of Therapeutic Living Clay per bath.  Becasue Mercury lingers, it might be a good idea to repeat clay baths on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.  Clay draws impurities to itself by adsorption, and then pulls them into itself by absorption, so a danger of re-absorption by the body is less probable.  Some  other products may loosen the metals but aren't as good at capturing them to pull them out like clay. 

How can I treat my cats and dogs for parasites, and other possible needs.  What type of clay and how much? 
Clay is great for pets and helps rid them of internal parasites.  If you put powder clay in their water, it mostly sinks to the bottom of the bowl.  You can mix clay into their moist food, and small amounts will never be noticed. One trick is to get a syringe (without the needle) and suck some of the premixed clay water (1 to 8 ratio of clay to water) into it and gradually inject it into their mouth.  You can't do clay wrong so don't worry about how much, though for kittens a teaspoon would be fine.  Bigger pets can take more.  Do it about every other day for a week.  Then you can go off a week and on a week for months to get the unhatched parasite eggs out.  You may notice white specks in the feces and your pet will be friskier.  You can brush their teeth with clay also and use it on cuts and rashes topically.  Good for horses too. We recommend the Therapeutic Living Clay but Pascalite might work equally well.  The Therapeutic Living Clay has a high pH and is milled very finer than others.  Because it swells to three times its mass, it has more volume for drawing out impurities and toxins. 




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