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Living Clay Audio CD - An Interview with Perry A~

Adam Abraham (publisher of Phaelos Books and author of I Am My Body, NOT!) interviewed Perry A~ about Living Clay - how to use it, what it does, how it works.  The entire interview is available as a 75 minute audio CD, and is packed with vital information about Nature's precious gift of Living Clay.  You can download the interview, or listen to it here.  .   

Click HERE to hear the interview
(This is a very large mp3 file, so please be patient while it loads.)



Clay is Best:
  • Buried for 43 Million Years under Zeolite, unaffected by climate and pollutants

  • A Very Pure Natural Calcium Bentonite

  • 9.7 pH - Will balance the pH

  • Milling Fineness -325 Screen Mesh  (Non-gritty and mixes smoothly)

  • Draws 32 times its molecular weight.  Swells three times thus a stronger drawing power. 1 lb of dry powder clay will make 3 lbs of Hydrated Clay.

  • A Montmorillonite-Smectite Clay that Absorbs and Adsorbs.

  • So Pure it is Odorless and Tasteless.

  • Detoxes through the skin and increases circulation and blood flow.

  • Tested to be free of Bacteria.

  • Clay

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